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          ecopower® Energy Savings Calculator
The Calculator below is designed to assess whether the ecopower® microCHP would be a benefit for your heating and electical needs. We are frequently asked whether the ecopower® unit will save you money, i.e., what is the pay back; and the answer depends on a number of factors. What we have done below is to narrow those factors down to information that should be available to any person that has knowledge of their energy use and the associated costs. In order to initiate the program, merely follow the guide below.

1. Enter the number of Therms of gas used in a period of time --- usually per month. Yearly data are better.
2. Enter the number of Kilowatt hours that were consumed during that period.
3. Enter the costs for both of the above. (All these data are in your utility bill from your Gas and/or Electric company.)
4. Enter your utility buy back rate, if any. (The credit your local utility will pay you for "excess" electricity generated by ecopower®; called Net Metering. Check your utility's website for details.)
5. Press the "Calculate" button after making your entries.

NOTE: The below calculations are intended as a guideline for an assumed typical setup and usage. Your results will vary, depending on the type of heating / electrical needs and equipment specific to your location. Please contact Marathon Engine Systems for more information.

Price of Power   Price      
Cost per Therm *  
Cost per kWh **    
Utility Net Metering buy back rate (per kWh)    
        Therms kWh        
Gas Used in Billing Period (Therms)    
Electricity Used in Billing Period (kWh)    
Enter the number of months above values cover  
    Gas Usage in Therms Monthly Yearly    
Gas Dryer?

Utility Bill
                Monthly / Average Bill   Your Bill if you had an ecopower  
Gas Stove?

Total No. of Therms Used for Heating and Hot Water:     Total:    
Heating system efficiency:              

        Savings per Month:  
Savings per Year:
* Total Cost per Therm - Divide the total price you pay for gas by the number of therms consumed.            
** Cost per kWh - Similarly, divide the total price you pay for electricity by the number of kilowatt hours consumed.