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Minotaur 2.5 Engineered Concepts Powerhouse

The range of products that Marathon Engine Systems offers in this area includes:

Powerhouse Primarily used in cell tower applications ( See Telecom), the Powerhouse can be used in any remote / inaccessible application. Ideally suited to run on propane, it is an excellent fit for railroads, oil fields, and mining needs.

Minotaur™ 5.0 This versatile unit can provide up to 5 kW of continuous power for remote locations.

CUSTOM REMOTE POWER DESIGNS If you need a custom design to meet your strategic needs, please contact us (phone 262 642-6436 or via the Contact Us page). Let us custom design a solution for you.

Minotaur™ 2.5 This workhorse used for unattended prime power applications.
Remote Power by Marathon Engine Systems


The Minotaur™ 2.5 Electric Power System has been specifically engineered to deliver high quality, reliable, unattended prime power with a unique long-life engine designed for long hours of continuous operation.


Long routine maintenance intervals of up to 4,000 hours translate into a low maintenance cost that is particularly important for remote, often difficult to reach locations. A well-engineered cabinet design provides easy service access for quick, efficient, simple servicing.


Highly engineered components and electronics give a superior degree of reliability that translates into long operating periods with minimal downtime. The Minotaur™ 2.5 Electric Power System provides the highest degree of reliability of any small internal combustion engine based system available today.


The output of the Minotaur™ 2.5 Electric Power System is high quality power of 120/220 VAC delivered at 50/60 Hz, or 24/48 VDC. With tight voltage and frequency specifications, the Minotaur™ 2.5 Electric Power System is compatible with electric equipment worldwide.


The use of widely available natural gas or LPG (propane) coupled with world wide power compatibility makes the Minotar™ 2.5 Electric Power System truly unique, resulting in prime power availability to any location throughout the world. The versatility of the Minotaur™ 2.5 Electric Power System can be further enhanced with the availability of a wide range of custom options.