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Gary Schildt and Peter Banwell Gary Schildt, Marathon Engine Systems President, received the ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award from Peter Banwell, Director, Product Marketing, of the EPA ENERGY STAR Program.   ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology
The ecopower® microCHP system has been recognized with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2011-2012 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded Marathon Engine Systems with the 2011-2012 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award for the ecopower® Micro CHP system. Our innovative product increases overall energy production efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Micro CHP is an emerging technology for combined heat and electrical power generation in homes and small businesses.
Unlike the central power plant or large industrial generator, Micro CHP brings the “power plant” to the consumer. Read our press release for further details.

Norbert E. Mitchell Co. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in New Milford, CT

City officials and representatives of N.E. Mitchell and Marathon Engine Systems were on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the ecopower® in New Milford, CT, April 11, 2012. The ecopower® is generating heat and electrical power in an innovative installation in a car wash. The installation has been running several months and has been providing 23% energy savings, while generating power in a more energy efficient and environmentally sound manner.

NE Mitchell Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Photos Courtesy Vanessa Noe, N.E. Mitchell Co.

ecopower® microCHP Showcased at the 2016 IBS
Marathon Engine Systems at IBS

Marathon Engine Systems showcased the ecopower® microCHP at the American Natural Gas and Propane Industries Exhibit at the 2016 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas.

Marathon Engine Systems has been exhibiting at the IBS for several years running, including at the eastern show location in Orlando. Above are photos from some of the shows.

The interest in distributed generation is gaining traction and becoming more recognized and accepted by utilities and energy service companies. Coupled with customer concerns over increasing energy costs and opportunities for energy efficiency, this interest suggests a bright future for microCHP.

ecopower® AGA IBS  
Parallel ecopower® microCHP Units Installed in New York's First Affordable LEED Platinum Building

Marathon Engine Systems ecopower® units are installed in The Eltona, New York's First Affordable LEED Platinum Building.
The New York Daily News published an article about The Eltona grand opening.

The Eltona features:

  • Healthy indoor environment through non-toxic materials and controlled filtered ventilation systems.
  • Integrated renewable energy source wind turbines.
  • NYSERDA research study on micro-CHP co-generation systems.
  • Mt. Sinai School of Medicine to study the effects of living in a green building on families who suffer from asthma.
  • Cleaned up formerly contaminated land.
Parallel ecopower® units  

Up to Four ecopower® microCHP Units Generate 17kWe / 45kWt

Marathon Engine Systems has supplied two and four unit installations in the field. Up to four ecopower® microCHP units can be run in parallel operation.  The units' combined output can simultaneously generate more than 17 kW of electrical and 45 kW (153,000 BTU/hr) of thermal power. Thermal energy can be stored in a buffer tank for later use, as heat demand arises. Versatile wiring configurations allow the units to be located close together or distributed in a building or campus group of buildings.

ecopower® Part of Planned First Net Zero Energy Hotel
Green Leaf Inn, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is being constructed with the goal of being the first net-zero energy hotel in the country.  It is including the ecopower® microchp in its array of technologies aimed at making the hotel environmentally friendly, while still providing luxuries. The energy saving technologies being utilized by the hotel are highlighted in a feature article in the February 2013 edition of pme magazine.

ecopower® Profiled in Texas Propane Magazine  
The ecopower® was the subject of an article in the April, 2011, edition of Texas Propane, the magazine for the Texas Propane Gas Association.


Marathon Engine Systems Presents "Microcogeneration: The Perfect Smart Grid Application" at the Smart Grid America Forum
Marathon Engine Systems presented "MicroCogeneration: The Perfect Smart Grid Application" at the Smart Grid America Forum Oct. 27-28, 2009 in Austin, TX. The Smart Grid and distributed generation are part of the "challenges and solutions" to America's energy needs addressed in conference sessions at the forum.The Marathon Engine Systems solution to energy needs shows that distributed generation can be dispatchable to meet changing requirements.  

Marathon Engine Systems Featured in the Business News Article
Marathon Engine Systems and the ecopower® microCHP were profiled in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper article.  
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