Marathon Engine Systems

The Marathon Engine

The main element of our power systems is based on the unique Marathon Engine. This engine was designed in the late 1980's and has a proven track record as a long life power source. The engine is specified to run 4,000 continuous hours between a maintenance cycle that includes an ignition cable, spark plug, oil, and filter changes. Running 24/ 7 would yield almost six months of continuous operation.

Because we are a system based company our intent is to satisfy customer’s applications with an existing product that we can offer. However, if none exists, or the application is unique that it requires engineering, Marathon can do that also. The Telecom site remote power unit was such an endeavor. Our customer came to us for a backup power requirement for cell towers, and the PowerRack version was created. This design has become very popular for that application and is currently being expanded upon.

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Marathon Engine Systems

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