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  Lower electric bills using the ecopower® microCHP Software
The built-in ecopower® microCHP software allows you to manage heat and electrical production. Utilities are implementing dynamic pricing models for electricity use. This is especially true for commercial accounts and large users. Instead of limiting your energy use, you can program higher output of the ecopower® during the high priced periods, generate your own electricity, and avoid expensive peak period charges. Excess heat is stored for later use in building heat and hot water applications.
  ecopower Display The ecopower® on-board display shows real-time power output and total energy generated
For maintenance personnel, we provide the ecoServ diagnostic and setup software. This powerful PC software allows service personnel to configure settings for the engine, control unit, and output, as well are run tests. ecoServ software can communicate with the ecopower® at the site or from remote locations.
Production Program
ecoServ production program setup window

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EcoUser Interface
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