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For commercial operations that have high electrical energy requirements and heat demand, the ecopower® microCHP is the perfect solution.


Typical uses would be:

Hotels (domestic hot water / pool / spa and laundry facilities)

  For example, a 20 x 40' hotel pool would require 30,000 BTU/hr (based on heat loss calculations at 10 °F air/water variance and an indoor pool) to maintain the water temperature at 75 °F. If ecopower® were to supply heat for that requirement, it would also generate 2.3 Megawatt Hours of power in one month.
  This electrical energy is very low cost because the pool would be normally heated by conventional means (a boiler). This electrical offset would be even greater when the domestic water need and laundry requirement are added to the equation.
  The electricity generated would be consumed on site to reduce the amount paid to the utility. If any excess, the power not used would be sent back to the grid for credit on the next bill (for Net Metering utilities).
Greenhouses - For hot water in-ground piping or utilizing a fan/blower system.
Restaurants - Electrical use and hot water requirements are high. For instance, truck stops where 24 hour operation is common and dish washers run continuously and electrical usage is significant.
Laundromats - High hot water use and electrical demand.
• Car washes - Hot water use and electrical use for lighting.
Hotel and pool

Commercial Applications