Marathon Engine Systems

Municipal Applications

Epping Town Hall
Communities are very aware of the high costs of energy because of budget and tax considerations.

There are many potential fixes to assist in lowering energy costs - Upgrades to thermal efficient windows, adding solar panels, and high efficiency boilers, and perhaps even wind can help mitigate rising energy costs. The ecopower® microCHP can be a significant benefit to complement the heating requirement in these applications. By using a combination of modulating boiler and ecopower® microCHPs, huge savings can be achieved, as cited in the recently installed Epping, NH, town hall. An ecopower® microCHP was added as one of the upgrades to the 125-year-old structure.

Other municipal facilities such as schools, fire stations, swimming pools, and water treatment plants could save energy by incorporating smaller, high efficiency boilers and ecopower® combinations.

And significant savings ensued.
Municipal Pool